The BCFA wants to build bridges between the academic and practical approach as between policy makers in companies and politicians.

We work on THREE levels :

1 : A network for members

The need for networking is increasing because of the need for an interdisciplinary approach in all issues. This increases due to the rapid changes in regional, national, international economic and political landscape.

It is also economically unrealistic for an large network of corporate finance to stop at a language barrier. Any company is growing very rapidly beyond its own regional frontier. BCFA, based in Brussels, is therefore a Belgian club in middle of Europe.

BCFA organizes each year a dozen various activities for members with guest speakers and the ability to bring own contacts as their guests members.

2 : Support for the sector

BCFA is a full representative of the sector and contributes to fewer but better rules for regional, national and international competitive edge. This by collecting statistics, surveys, making statistics and publishing.

3 : A contribution to the society

Our members and guest speakers, try to give a societal dimension to propagate and thereby help building a better and sustainable society.

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